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Extra curricular activities

See the range of extra-curricular activities we offer our students.

Performing Arts


Glenbrook Public School is participating in the NSW Public Schools program  “PULSE… listen to the heartbeat of the arts,” a showcase of excellence in the Performing Arts. Selected students will have the opportunity to sing in the PULSE choir with performances at local venues as well as the Sydney Opera House.

Private tuition in a number of musical instruments is also available after school, and there is a school band that meets regularly for band practice. Please contact the school for more information.


The school has Junior and Senior Dance Groups which students can join after school.

In addition, Fanci Footwork offers a low cost, fun and stress-free way for all children to learn the art of dance and performance. Fanci Footwork believes dance should be a creative and enjoyable experience attainable to all children and families. For this reason, every effort is made to keep class and costuming low cost.

School environmental programs

Several programs occur at Glenbrook to support students in learning about their environment. The school has a School Environmental Management Plan that supports students learning about sustainability.

Clean up Australia week

During clean up week, all students assist within the school and the local area to clean up litter.

Rainwater tanks

Each toilet block has a rainwater tank that provides sufficient water to flush toilets. 

Solar panels

Solar panels were placed on the library in 2011. The power produced, supplements electricity, used by the school. Information collected from the controls is fed to a computer network system, allowing a wonderful source of learning for students who can measure power source and monitor weather conditions. As well the school has timed switches which shut off lights during periods when lights are not required. You can check Glenbrook energy and power usage to track the progress. 

Vegetable garden

Our school has a vegetable garden where students can grow vegetables with the help of their teachers and parents volunteering for the cause. You can view garden update (PDF 532KB) for interesting details. 

Tuesday lunchtimes are gardening club day and we would love more parents and kids to be involved as we have loads of ideas.

Plant a tree program

During the year students assist by planting trees in areas within the school. Groups of students actively participate in maintaining the plants so they reach maturity.