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Gifted and talented

At Glenbrook Public School, we are committed to providing a safe and challenging environment for our students. We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to develop and realise their intellectual, social and emotional best.

To cater for these needs our opportunity class (OC) students have access to a broad, balanced, differentiated and challenging curriculum. This curriculum provides, for students, extensive opportunities, appropriate acknowledgment, support, and extension. We aim to develop a student's specific skills and talents and allow them to function at higher cognitive levels. We believe that the able child needs support, guidance, and encouragement to reach their potential.


  • A child who is gifted and/or talented is one who achieves or has the ability to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of the peer group. This may be in all areas of the curriculum or in a limited range (Eyre, 1999).
  • A gifted pupil is one who is in the top 10% to 15% of the pupil population and who has the capacity for or demonstrates high levels of performance in an academic area.
  • A talented pupil is one who is in the top 10% to 15% of the pupil population with a specific ability in a non-academic area. This can be a physical talent (pupils good at sports and games), a visual talent (dance and drama), a mechanical ingenuity (art), outstanding leadership skills (team member, organiser) social awareness skills (sensitivity, empathy and carer) or a creative talent (music, linguist, and artist).


Throughout the two years, OC students at Glenbrook have the opportunity to be involved in a myriad of events, groups, challenges, and experiences. Such as

  • My Science is a research-based science program where the students undergo a true scientific study of their choice.
  • Mathletics is an individual maths program that allows the student to assess their own learning and program for it.
  • Maths Olympiad is a high order maths competition held every year.
  • Premier's Debating challenge is held every year.
  • Premier's Spelling Bee is held every year.
  •  Public Speaking Competition is held every year.
  • Arts program that encompasses both visual art and craft.
  • Animation courses are held at the school.
  • Drama, writing, and visual art camps are regional events that cater specifically for G and T children.
  • Music lessons include on-site guitar and trumpet.
  • Environment program includes biodiversity program utilising educational center at Penrith and weekly gardening lessons with community members.
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course held at the school.
  • For choir, we have a specialist teacher.
  • Dance group: a specialist teacher is utilised for the area.
  • Dance to be fit program: a specialist teacher is utilised for the area.
  • Recorder group: a specialist teacher is utilised for this area.
  • Sporting teams-netball, soccer, newcomb ball, softball and basketball teams compete in district, regional and state competitions.
  • NSWU competitions.
  • Excursions to educational events example Canberra.
  • Preschool liaison  include students visit local preschool every term to form community connection.

At Glenbrook, we are committed to providing education that best caters for the OC student. This is accomplished by the student and the community being involved in their education. It is all focused on developing a child that is confident, self-assured and has had opportunities to reach their potential in an enriched environment. 

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